Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Fresh spring looks to pick you up out of the winter glum. 
NECKLACE: Kenneth Jey
BIKINI TOP: MatchesFashion
TROUSERS: MatchesFashion
BODYSUIT: MatchesFashion
SUNGLASSES: Kendal & Kylie
BAG: Orchard Mile
SKIRT: Net-a-porter
JACKET: Net-a-porter

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Saturday Inspiration

We all feel a little uninspired on Saturday's...so why not take a peak at what has been inspiring me lately.I honestly have been super inspired lately, but am struggling with the tools to create content that I truly want to. 

Even though I am feeling inspired, it is always nice to still reflect and see what has been influencing me lately. These images are taken from my personal Tumblr, which you can see here, and follow if you want to. 

It is very much the usual--my favorite tones with outfit, café, and French inspiration. There is something just so simple yet romantic about all of these photos. This is what I try to emulate with my photos, even though I know that will still take time. If you are a blogger/influencer/photographer/etc, we need to be gentle on ourselves! I personally love having Pinterest and Tumblr just to see where my style is headed and how I can collectively see what is inspiring me at the moment. I hope this got you thinking on this gloomy Saturday, and let me know what has been inspiring you as of late 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Finding sources of inspiration

Finding inspiration can be hard. Especially when we're in our funks. But I don't want to discuss the challenges, instead, I want to focus on the positives, and discuss where I do find motivation. When you get lost in the internet scroll, it's truly not that hard...

1. Pinterest

Honestly, Pinterest isn't for middle aged women pinning recipes (though that sounds great too). Pinterest has become one of my major sources of inspiration and I love it because you can create your own boards for just about anything. Base them off of mood, color schemes, ideas, future photoshoot ideas, content creation...once you get a basis of good boards, the possibilities are endless, and it can truly provide insight on where your style is headed in a specific moment. My boards are in categories including fashion, inspiration, travel, and cafés. The amazing thing too is that once you start repinning images that have a certain aesthetic, Pinterest registers it and will start recommending posts that fit your style. I have secret mood boards created for certain shoots or bang-spiration, too. 

2. Magazines

If you enjoy more tangible inspiration, magazines and books can be your go-to. I have my own personal favorites because there is something to be said about admiring real photographs styled by, modeled by, and photographed by professionals in the industry. Don't look at these huge photoshoots as intimidating, instead focus on the minor details that have been incorporated that you can somehow utilize in your own photos. Perhaps it is a certain styling technique, or a way of words, or the photograph's angle. Cut out images, create a physical mood board, and surround yourself by it so you can constantly be inspired by the photographs you love most.

3. Tumblr

Sort of like the same thing as Pinterest, except Tumblr's images are even more curated and creative. I find so many amazing poetry pieces, art works, and simple fashion inspiration because of the Tumblr's I follow. It has always been my favorite source of inspiration, simply because it is soothing scrolling through the dashboard and picking images to reblog. It takes the pressure off because it doesn't feel so serious--you are free to reblog whatever you want and it is not like everyone in the world is looking at it. It is such a beacon of inspiration and you are bound to find other creative individuals through the platform as well. 

4. Travel

Definitely the least unattainable to do right away in this list, but I find that traveling to different places, even somewhere not so far away, refills me with positive energy and motivation. There is so much to gather about different locations and it challenges you creatively to photograph in places that you may not have before. Looking at architecture is one of my main sources of inspiration as well. Though it might sound strange, just appreciating buildings and streets makes me feel so calm, yet makes me buzz with a certain type of energy. Being surrounded by different landscapes, different people, and taking yourself out of the norm can be an amazing way to find inspiration. 

5. Look Around

This last one is pretty typical, but I feel like we don't do it as much anymore. Sometimes, admiring people's outfits on the street can fuel my creative bug. The most mundane things, like morning coffee shops, restaurants, random vintage shops, couples walking, an old building, can give me encouragement. Seeing the little things in life is an amazing way to inspire the big things. 
No matter what, I urge that you don't push yourself, and instead find inspiration naturally. Often, appreciating details and sometimes looking in the not so obvious places can be the most rewarding.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Latest Inspirations

Around every month or so I love putting together what is inspiring me currently; whether it be in fashion, interiors, books, etc. My inspirations haven't changed that much since the last inspiration post I did, but I love how much it helps me in personally having a focus in the kind of mood I've been into lately so I decided to throw one up today! To put it simply I have been adoring...

Straw and baskets, flats with bows, nude tones (browns, whites, blacks), white orchids, French-mirrors, magazines, art, skincare

I was browsing around Pinterest the other day (per usual) and stumbled across a board that was titled, "Mid Century Modern"...and fell absolutely in love. Though the style contains mainly modern elements, it still has that comfortable, home-y touch that I personally need in my apartment. So, with this newfound Pinterest style, I've been hatching pieces to get for my room. First thing on my list, and though it doesn't necessarily go hand-in-hand with the Mid Century Modern theme, is a Parisian mirror. This particular mirror has been in my Etsy cart for ages and I feel like I am finally ready to get it. I know they are elaborate and some might consider them to be too much, but my space is so simple, even a little empty. I feel like I want to spark it up with something different and, perhaps, something a little out there!
I've mentioned this in previous posts, but I'm also really keen on getting some art for my space. Christiane Spangsberg's art is so amazing, and so is her Instagram. That is the inspiration I've been getting art-wise since I know most art is unbelievably expensive and unattainable.
And of course, little details like white flowers and baskets and books will add to the space.  
I also wanted to give you guys some Instagram's that I've been absolutely loving recently and that have provided me with tons of inspiration...
@lucywilliams02 (as always)


Thursday, February 1, 2018

The artist that is making waves in the art world

Christiane Spansberg, or known in my head as the feline that is making ultimate waves in the art world, is one inspiring woman. I was never a fan of art until I stumbled across her Instagram account (a true millennial story) and fell in love with not only her beautiful works but her way of life as well. Yes, art can be intimidating, but her signature drawings and paintings make one feel at ease and as if they can connect to it, because we can.

Again, I was never into art, but as I grow up and try to explore other forms of creativity outside of fashion, I got really into looking at art as a true form of inspiration. What I love the most about Ms. Spansberg's art is that it isn't overly complicated. I don't feel like I have to make an overly mature, long-worded statement about how I feel when I'm looking at it (which I think might be everyone's truest fear when asked about art.) It's beautiful, simple, and unique. It tells of couples enjoying kisses or the beauty behind a woman's form or different shapes and de constructed faces.

Christiane Spansberg resides in Copenhagen, and one of my favorite activities to do is to go onto her Instagram and admire her beautiful apartment and artwork that looks perfect against her neutral-focused furniture and mid-century modern vibes.

How much inspiration is too much inspiration? Between her art, the soft tones, the wood accents, candles, furs, and marble, I could spend all day admiring it.  And, of course, follow her stunning Instagram if you fell in love like I did. Also, this totally isn't promoted, I just truly wanted to share how much I love her and her art. It is an inspiration to me and I'm sure to many others, as she has been growing quite the following. Hopefully someday I will be able to purchase one of her pieces...but for now I will daydream and continue taping print-outs on my walls.  

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Sparkles,sparkles and sparkles

So my first outfit post of the year I wanted to be special and what I mean by that is that I wanted to talk about my sparkly NYE outfit. This year it all about sparkles and 80's inspired dresses so when I saw this blazer-dress with padded shoulders at Zara I instantly fell in love. As you can see I styled it in 2 different ways. In the first picture it was my NYE outfit and i wore a pair of sparkly silver earrings along with some sparkly pair of tight. I waned it to be actually realy extra since NYE is alla bout that! In the second picture I tried to make it a little bit more casual-urbanish and Iwore a black turtle neck inside the dress and a fanny pack across it. In my opinion it looked really cool because the urban vibe from the bag kinda toned down the dress a little bit. The dress is actually sold out now but I will have the link below anyway. Stay tuned xx

First picture
EARRINGS: Folli Follie

Second picture
FANNY PACK: Pull & Bear

Saturday, January 20, 2018

January Motivation

In the winter, I'm always in a slump. Autumn is beautiful, inspiring, fresh, sunny, all my favorite tones. Then winter comes and I find myself struggling to feel any inspiration at all, then school starts up, and before I know it I'm just going through motions. Class, work, posts ,articles,emails, until my fingers want to fall off. And to find the time to put together an outfit that will still look chic in this weather...it feels practically impossible. Then going out and actually doing it. Winter, no matter what, makes it hard to accomplish much of anything creatively. Does anybody else feel this way?

It is what I call the winter slump...and it is very real. It makes sense, though, because all we want to do is cozy up when it's cold and dreary. But I want to constantly be creating, constantly pushing out of my comfort zone, constantly creating inspiring content. In a world where everything is constantly going, it is so easy to get caught up in it. In the winter it all just feels dry, like my motivation is all used up. New Years resolution's dissolve before I even had a chance to think about them. It's frustrating feeling this way, and I wanted to have a heart to heart with you because maybe some of you feel this way too. Even though Instagram is all about perfection, we all know it is not reality, and I wanted to talk about how inspiration is hard. There are days, even full weeks, where I feel completely lost and tired. I pin things on Pinterest, going into a hole of feeling frustrated that I can't create the content I want to. I use excuses like it's too cold, studio spaces are expensive, I don't have a photographer. But on the flip side of things, it is all up to us to change it. Photograph inside! Set a camera on timer! It is cheesy, but I have to constantly tell myself that it is all in my own hands. Yes, I can create the content I want to, it doesn't have to be a full photoshoot. We should think of it as a creative challenge, pushing us to really think more about how we can achieve what we want. But, it takes time, as all good things do.

I guess I feel like I am having a conversation with myself here, but a lot of times people come to me asking how I stay inspired. My answer does include that it is hard and that I'm definitely not always motivated. It might sound ridiculous, but it really does take effort to stay inspired. Setting aside time to ourselves to look at books, magazines, and photographs is an effort. Compiling our favorite images and finding the perfect pieces to create a look is time-consuming. The best advice I can give is to keep your eyes peeled for new inspiration because it can come from anything--movies, people on the street, even great architecture can get creative gears turning. And, when you get in an inspiration rut, don't get down on yourself. I am going to create a more elaborated post on finding inspiration, so let me know what you think I should discuss. It is easy to feel lethargic about everything in the winter, but again, we all have to realize that there are moments when all we want to do is be lazy. And sometimes, that's truly okay.